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The Very Reverend Charles Tyrrell QSO, is the Enabler for Older Person's Ministry & Chaplain To Retired Clergy for the Anglican Diocese.


I have been preparing for this role for the whole of my professional life. After qualifying as a registered nurse in Liverpool, UK, I was ordained deacon in 1977 and priest the following year. A great deal of my ministry time was spent with older people and their families.

Active ministry has been the best preparation for this new ministry. More recently I have attended some courses sponsored by the Selwyn Foundation in Auckland to build on my experience.

I have begun the process of visiting as many rest and retirement homes as possible to introduce myself and to explain the new diocesan ministry. I have also begun to visit parishes with specific ministries for older persons and will be visiting every parish to discuss their ministry with older people.

I was also commissioned by Bishop Richard to be the Chaplain for the retired clergy of our diocese. I regard this as a privilege and look forward to visiting them at home as I travel around the diocese.

I was honoured that the New Zealand Faith Community Nurses Association board invited me to become the first Patron of this parish nurse ministry. As a consequence, I have been encouraged to use some of my time promoting parish nursing both locally and nationally as one way we may respond to the increasing numbers of older persons both in our parishes and in our communities.

I am happy to respond to invitations to preach and teach in the parishes of our diocese.

The Anglican Care Charitable Trust, on behalf of the Nelson Diocesan Standing Committee, recently dispensed more than a quarter of a million dollars to parishes and ministry units to fund Older Persons’ Ministry projects.  The Older Persons' Ministry Fund (OPMF) was set up after the sale of the Whareama Retirement Home in 2008.  The purpose of this funding is for programmes or projects which focus on and benefit those aged 65 years and older, however there is discretion to include those aged from 50 years upwards whose needs align with those over 65.

From the West Coast to the east coast and all points in between, ministries are being set up in response to local needs for older people. I hope and pray that in 2014 we may have the opportunity to celebrate this stupendous fact, something which I believe to be unique in the Church in these islands.


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